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There are 4 Tracks for the Machine Learning Architect course (Deep Learning Programmer, Deep Learning Engineer, Machine Learning/Deep Learning Architect and Machine Learning/Deep Learning Architect Master). Each stage of the journey delivers 40-50 hours of courses + multimodal content and an additional 10-12 Practice Labs, Certification Pre/Assessments.

Learners need a computer, laptop or tablet and internet connection. Courses are designed in video with audio and coupled with unlimited advanced mentoring.

ESTIMATED DURATION: 40-50 hours per Track, therefore should you study 1 hour per day you could complete the first Track in less than 2 months.

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ML Track 1: DL Programmer

Linear Regression Models: Introduction to Linear Regression
Linear Regression Models: Building Simple Regression Models with Scikit Learn and Keras
Linear Regression Models: Multiple and Parsimonious Linear Regression
Linear Regression Models: An Introduction to Logistic Regression
Linear Regression Models: Simplifying Regression and Classification with Estimators
Computational Theory: Language Principle & Finite Automata Theory
Computational Theory: Using Turing, Transducers, & Complexity Classes
Model Management: Building Machine Learning Models & Pipelines
Model Management: Building & Deploying Machine Learning Models in Production
Reinforcement Learning: Essentials
Reinforcement Learning: Tools & Frameworks
Math for Data Science & Machine Learning
Building ML Training Sets: Introduction
Building ML Training Sets: Preprocessing Datasets for Linear Regression

ML Track 2: DL Engineer

Getting Started with Neural Networks: Biological & Artificial Neural Networks
Getting Started with Neural Networks: Perceptrons & Neural Network Algorithms
Building Neural Networks: Development Principles
Building Neural Networks: Artificial Neural Networks Using Frameworks
Training Neural Networks: Implementing the Learning Process
Training Neural Networks: Advanced Learning Algorithms
Convolutional Neural Networks: Fundamentals
Convolutional Neural Networks: Implementing & Training
Fundamentals of Sequence Model: Artificial Neural Network & Sequence Modeling
Fundamentals of Sequence Model: Language Model & Modeling Algorithms
Build & Train RNNs: Neural Network Components
Build & Train RNNs: Implementing Recurrent Neural Networks
ML Algorithms: Multivariate Calculation & Algorithms
ML Algorithms: Machine Learning Implementation Using Calculus & Probability

ML Track 3: ML/DL Architect

Predictive Modeling: Predictive Analytics & Exploratory Data Analysis
Predictive Modeling: Implementing Predictive Models Using Visualizations
Predictive Modelling Best Practices: Applying Predictive Analytics
Planning AI Implementation
Automation Design & Robotics
ML/DL in the Enterprise: Machine Learning Modeling, Development, & Deployment
ML/DL in the Enterprise: Machine Learning Infrastructure & Metamodel

ML Track 4: ML/DL Architect Master

Deep Learning with Keras
Research Topics in ML and DL
Applied Predictive Modeling

Business & Leadership for ML Programmers

Investigating Arguments
Getting to the Root of a Problem
Confronting Your Assumptions
Managing a Project to Minimize Risk and Maximize Quality
Embracing an Agile Culture for Business Growth
Leading through Positive Influence
Leading a Cross-functional Team
Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers
The Building Blocks of Building Trust
Trust Building through Effective Communication
Defining Alternative Solutions to a Problem
Six Sigma Performance Metrics
Thinking Strategically as a Manager
Cultivating Cross-functional Team Collaboration
Unleashing Personal and Team Creativity

Productivity Tools for ML Programmers

Confluence: Signing in & Navigating within Spaces
Confluence: Setting Up & Managing Spaces
Confluence: Working with Spaces
Confluence: Working with Team Members
Confluence: Configuring Spaces
Slack Web: Signing in and Setting Up
Slack Web: Using Channels
Slack iOS: Using the iOS App

Bundle price: R10 995.00 or on terms R11 495.00 with R4 955.00 deposit and 12 monthly instalments of R545.00.

International exams are written at any Pearson Vue Testing Centre in South Africa. Discounted international exam vouchers can be purchased through IT Academy.

How our courses work:
On enrolment we issue our learners with an username and password to access their courses for a 12 month subscription. At the end of each module you will be required to answer multiple choice questions, these marks are registered in our database. Should you obtain 70% and above you will receive IT Academy Course Mastery Certification by mail, at no additional cost.

International exams are written at any Pearson Vue Testing Centre in South Africa. Discounted international exam vouchers can be purchased through IT Academy at R550.00 each.

Courses include:

Mobile ready (accessible on a Tablet or Smartphone)
Courses are printable
Unlimited Advanced Mentoring
e-mail Support
Free Cram Tests
Discounted international exam vouchers
12 months Subscription

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