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Q. How long do I have access to the courseware?

A. You have a 12 month subscription to your training, even if you complete it before the 12months are up.

Q. How can I find or change my password?

A. You may retrieve your password if your e-mail address is listed in our student database for your ID. If you go to and click Login Help in the login box, you will see a menu of links. Click on the Change My Password link or the Forgot My Password link and enter requested personal information. Your password will be e-mailed to the address that is listed with your ID.

Q. I want to add my e-mail address to my user ID.
A. You may add or change your e-mail address to your ID by going to and clicking the Login Help link within the Login box. Click the Update Personal Information link and enter your desired e-mail address along with the other information requested.
Q. My scores will not update when I take the course to improve them.
A. Enter the desired course by clicking on it from the course list. Once in the course, click on the Course Tools tab on the left navigation. You can click on View My Scores to see what score is recorded for each lesson. Also on the Course Tools tab you can click on the Progress Report link. This will bring up a list of the questions within the course. If there is a mastered check beside the heading of the lesson, all of the answers for that unit have been answered at least once. If there are questions listed under the lesson heading, these need to be answered in order for scores to update for that lesson. All questions must be answered within a lesson for the score to update for that lesson.
Q. I cannot find where to get a certificate of completion for my course.
A. Log into the course and within the course click on the Course Tools tab on the left navigation. From here, click on the View My Scores tab. Your mastery percentage will be in the first paragraph on that page. If every lesson is scored at or above the mastery level, you will see a certificate button near the bottom of the scores graph. If there is a lesson or lessons without the mastery scores, a certificate button will not show. If a certificate button does show, click the button to generate your certificate.
Q. How do I print the pages in a course?

A. You can print the entire course without graphics by entering your ID and password in the login box on and clicking the Accessibility button instead of the submit button. This will show you the entire course with no graphics. You may right click on the course and select the Print option to print the course.

If you would like to print the course one page at a time, you may login to the graphics version of the course and right click on the page. Select the Print option. The page will print with graphics.

Q. When I try to play the video courses, my buttons are grayed out and my quiz answers do not seem to update.
A. These problems may arise by having the version of Sun Java that is not compatible to run the videos. The version recommended is the Java Standard Edition 1.4 or Sun Java 1.4 or above. This version can be downloaded from The Java Runtime Environment contains the Java Vm, which is necessary to run the video courses also. This can be obtained by installing JSE v
Q. I do not have audio on all of my courses. Is there something wrong?
A. Many of our End User courses are now equipped with audio on many pages of the courses. You may also get audio on the introduction pages of the lessons if you have Flash installed and the option is checked in My Preferences. Audio is not available at this time, however, for every course that IT Academy offers.
Q. I am trying to download a course after logging into and I am encountering this error in the process "Installing: IT Academy system files C;\dpec\authorware_detect.htm" The request timed out.
A. Check for anti-virus software and disable it if installed. Also, bypass your proxy server if a proxy is used on your company network.

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